The Morisset Family and Isola 2000

A passion for skiing and a love of the mountains

The story of the Morisset family in Isola 2000 is one of sportsmen and women with a passion for skiing and a love of the mountains who made their home in the southern Alps in 1971, when the station was created.

Jean-Marie Morisset, then head of the family, played a significant role in the station’s creation. A mountain guide and ski monitor, he founded l’Ecole de Ski Français and the Club des Sports d’Isola 2000, later becoming the station’s technical director. A piste bearing his name in the Saint Sauveur domaine, was dedicated by the station in honour of his work.

Jean-Marie passed his passion for the mountains to his children, with his son Luc joining the French ski team and becoming Champion de France de Slalom Géant in 1980.

In 1981, Jean-Marie, Luc and his sisters opened the first MORISSET SPORTS, an adventure that continues to this day, with the family’s three shops welcoming skiers to Isola 2000.